How we started

vermont200400642More and more consumers are demanding safer products for their horses, dogs and the environment. I had great concerns myself about mixing products and causing chemical irritations to my horse and dog, worried about the safety of the ingredients I was using. I started making my own products and am committed to the quality, purity and effectiveness of these products.

Christine Taylor

buggoneEquinature All Natural Horse and Dog Products deliver safe and non-irritating, natural products for the competition horse, sensitive backyard buddy as well as pets of all types and sizes. Equinature products are made from only natural vegetable and plant based resources providing a healthy alternative to other commercial chemical based products. We do not dilute—only our fly repellent contains water. All of our other skin care products are made with liquid aloe and natural witch hazel. Equinature All Natural Horse and Dog Products are formulated to be used with each other without fear of chemical irritation.

Equinature All Natural Products are free of any artificial ingredients, dyes or colors, chemical preservatives, added alcohol or fragrances. Our cleansers are free of lauryl sulfates and are PH balanced. No insecticides and no pesticides are ever used. We make these products in small batches to ensure the potency of the ingredients. And the herbs and plant extracts add valuable therapeutic effects. For our All Natural Skin Balm, pure and natural plant oils, butters, and jojoba are blended together. And our tinctures and liniments are specifically formulated for effectiveness.

In 1997 the Equinature products line was started under the name Body Kneads Muscle Therapy. Products were made for our human clients. The idea was to give them a custom product for their specific needs, taking into consideration allergies and toxic ingredients that were common with off the shelf products. Since many of our clients also owned horses and the products were so well received we were often asked, “Can I use this on my horse too?”  and “Can I use this on my dog as well?”

As our products worked so well for our customers, they wanted to share the natural goodness with their horse and dog companions. We started thinking more and more about the needs in the equine and pet industries and now, after establishing the effectiveness of our products for many years, we are proud to have this line of products and to offer it to consumers through retail and online sales. We guarantee your satisfaction or you can return the product for a refund. Our products have a minimum 2 year shelf life.

Equinature provides a line of essential, daily care products no horse or pet should be without.

Thank you for trusting Equinature.