Sea Kelp nutrients supply essential minerals and iodine for metabolic health and well as hoof and skin.

This is Atlantic Kelp harvested off the coast of Maine; known as Norwegian kelp, knotted kelp, knotted wrack or egg wrack. It is rich in iodine and complex minerals, and has a salty taste due to the presence of macro and micronutrients. This is granulated (like a coarse sugar), so it can be sprinkled on foods and used like table salt.

Benefits of supplementing Kelp granules

  • Supports animals with IR symptoms (insulin resistance)
  • Helps to relieve nervous tension
  • Promotes & supports healthy Thyroid gland function
  • Promotes and supports a healthy immune system
  • Promotes & supports overall health, skin, hair, hooves and nails
  • Promotes & supports a healthy metabolism
  • Helps to detoxify the body of heavy metal salts

This Kelp is an excellent source of organic, bio-available minerals, vitamins, and proteins for your pets and livestock. It is easily accepted and eaten free choice. We recommend feeding at 1/2 -1 oz. per day for a 1000 lb horse. Our 3 lb bag is a 48 day supply.

For sheep we recommend 1/2 – dry ounce per day, or 2% mixed in their grain ration. Sea kelp can also be added to chicken feed and dog food. This is a human food grade so you can enjoy it yourself sprinkled on salads and other foods.