Our Seasonal Herb™ blends provide what your animal would naturally have available free choice.

  • They are delicious and readily eaten by most grazing animals.
  • Serve as a treat or as part of your daily feeding program.

Nature provides plants that help to balance the body and combat seasonal stressors.  Seasonal stress can come in the form of parasites, allergies and environmental bacteria. Some animals are more susceptible to seasonal stress than others.

Animals would  naturally seek out  plants that help them if they had access to them in pasture. But our natural pastures are managed  and only provide grasses or weeds that are not beneficial to support the immune system. In addition, being kept on small acreage or stalled, many of our animals do not have natural pastures to forage on.

Why is there no winter blend? Most plants die back in the winter and are not available for foraging.  Winter is a time for rest in nature and  there are less seasonal allergens and stressors in the environment  that would affect your animal.

However we do recommend that you use our UlcerAid digestive wellness formula during the winter months.