With Tick Bite Balance Kit successfully treat yourself, horses, and dogs  for the symptoms of Tick born diseases. And reduce the use of antibiotics.

The Nosodes are also for all tick born diseases including Lyme, Babiosa, Ehrlichia, and Q-Fever.

The Tick Bite Balance Kit is recommended if there has been exposure or infection with Lyme disease or as post antibiotic support. It comes with a complete set of instructions and contains 10 remedies.

Tick Bite Balance Kit  includes:

6 Lyme Disease Nosodes at these potencies. Forte, 6c, 200c, 1M, 10M, 50M

4 remedies to support the symptoms of Lyme Imbalance or Chronic Fatigue (cytomegalo virus):

  • Sleep easy ( wired but tired feeling restless at night time)
  • Out of Sorts ( Frazzled or anxious)
  • Winter-Tonic ( Flu Nosode to support your immune system)
  • Arnica ( muscle, joint aches and pains )

This kit will treat several people or horses or dogs for several years. Most clients who purchase this TBK have had recurrent Lyme out breaks and have had to treat with anti-biotics year after year. This TBK has sucessfully helped to keep the Lyme in remission and keep the person/animal symptom free while in use. Manufactured in the USA .

Additional Information

Tick Bite Balance Kit  Prophylactic Information