Two Tick Bite Homeopathic Remedies useful in supporting your horse, dog, or your own immune system during tick season, if you have never had exposure or symptoms of Lyme Disease before.

Tick Bite I  6c (Prophylactic Nosode remedy) Only available in Spray

Tick Bite II  F( Tick Bite remedy) Only available in Spray
You will need both of these remedies for preventative use.
The bottles contain 800 pellets (aprox. 200 doses) and can be used for prophylactic and as tick bite support during the whole year.
(If you are purchasing the Lyme Balance Kit, these two remedies are in the L.B. kit). Also comes with complete instruction for use.
Basic Prophylactic treatment guide :
5 day initial dose of Tick Bite I (6c) remedy
Follow with: 1 dose per week during tick season (in some states this will be all 52 weeks of the year).
If you find a tick attached; use Tick Bite II (F) remedy.
Dose 1-2x per day  each time you find a tick attached.
NOTE: pellets are easy to give to any animal or person.

This is a product from a leading homeopathic manufacturer. Follow instructions. If Symptoms develop, seek a doctor or try Lyme Protocol for long term imbalances (instructions included with L.B kit). This product is not meant as a substitute for proper medical care.

Additional Information

Tick Bite Balance Kit Prophylactic Information