Voxx Performance and Wellness Socks and Insoles are the best and only socks like this that you will ever wear! 

You wear Voxx Performance and Wellness Socks on your feet yes but they have neurotechnology woven/printed into them that communicates with the central nervous system to achieve better balance, increased strength strength more coordination coordination and less pain!

How? Voxx Performance and Wellness Socks uses acupuncture points and sensory dermatomes on the bottom of your feet!

Scientifically documented and tested over the last six years and now coming into the mainstream and medical field with this product. This is a wellness product but it happens to be in the form of a sock -which everybody uses. 

If you’re an athlete and want to improve your overall athletic function people have told me they notice things like better performance of single leg moves and better coordination when running or on the bike when wearing Voxx Performance and Wellness Socks.

Other people have noticed less dizziness and tripping when getting up and down. 

Myself, I have noticed a lot less pain and a total increase in range of motion, the ability to go back to doing my yoga, and a high reduction in the chronic back pain that I felt all day every day. 

It’s not going to heal illness but your overall wellness feeling will change!

It’s amazing that you don’t have to do anything but put the socks on. 

I don’t sell these here on my store but through an affiliate link to the Voxx company store. Click the button below to visit the site.

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