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These are just a few of the many testimonials for Equinature products. Some of the most well known names in the industry trust Equinature for their horses, as well as their dogs. You can too!

Adrienne Iorio

I love Equinature products. They work really well and I love that they are organic and safer to use around my child and on all the little animals in my life. I have all my horses on UlcerAid. I noticed a difference in their attitudes towards work and travel right away.

I have been using these products since they first came out in 2001.

Allison Springer

I love your products and know I can promote them well! The Legdown wraps and liquid have worked fabulous for my horses.

We love the SkinMend and the Aloe & Tea Tree lotion has really helped my horse’s skin issues.

Boyd and Silva Martin

I am very impressed with all the Equinature products. I have a horse that was a very bad eater and since I am feeding him the UlcerAid he does not leave any of his grain. With me spending the winter in Florida and all the skin problems everyone gets here, I am so glad I got introduced to the product. I am using the shampoo on all my horses every day and as soon as I did, none of my horses have any skin problems.

I also love the Aloe & Tea Tree Lotion because it keeps their skin very moisturized and makes the coat shine. On the horses that are working hard, I use the liniment under the wraps at night to help their legs recover. One of the best things about all this product is that it smells great. My whole barn smells great!!

Danny Arendt – Peter J. Pletcher Farm Inc.

I love your stuff. I tell everyone about your miracle skin mend! I also love the Aloe & Tea Tree Lotion.

Darelene – Crystal Ridge Carousel

Why do I like Equinature products?……The foremost reason why I like Equinature products is because they are truly All Natural with no chemicals.

I really like the fact that HealthySuds is ph balanced and doesn’t strip your horse’s coat of its natural oils and it supports healthy skin. Since GiGi is a show mare and she has to be bathed often, I wanted a product that would be gentle enough not to irritate her skin, as well as help to promote a gleaming show coat. And HealthySuds does this and much more!

UlcerAid is another product that has been very successful in helping GiGi heal her ulcers and strengthen her whole digestive tract. She would eat the herbs right out of my hand.

Elizabeth Iorio

I like the UlcerAid product. Mac, who I am currently Eventing and Show Jumping, seems to be far more consistent, even when traveling. He has a nervous stomach and we had been using an ulcer paste to travel, but since we have had him on the UlcerAid, we haven’t had to use it…thanku!

I am also a big fan of the Aloe & Tea Tree skin treatment for fungus. Being down in south Florida in the sand, it is a wonderful treatment and also works great as a preventative.

Emma Ford

Why do I like Equinature products?……because they work!

I have tried many products through the years. Equinature provides products that work on all skin conditions without causing further irritations. The stomach aid products such as UlcerAid and the distilled Aloe Vera juice in the barn is a must.

Jennifer Wilson Horr with Steffen Peters

Your products helped us beat the bugs in Florida and fight that nasty skin fungus. Thank you!

Molly Rosin

I’ve been using your products quite a bit and love them. The LegDown liniment has been great for Charly. He’s been working really hard with the Developing Riders training sessions and I’ve been able to use that on him daily without any signs of irritation from it!